Gravi-6 Hitch Mounted Ski Rack

Best mountain town transportation, and proudly made in America.


Secure Transport for 4 or 6 pairs of Skis

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About GraviRax

There's 'gotta be a better way

It's a pain to get gear off the roof of the car or truck!

Our team shared a gripe in this part of winter sports, and felt that skiers and boarders everywhere still went through the same struggle.

Features and Benefits

Hitch Mounted Ski Transport

Gravirax is the easiest way to secure your gear when traveling from the your home to the resort. Your rack and gear are all within arm's reach. Just drop skis in and go.

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Easy Access

Gravirax incorporates a simple pivot that allows convenient access to the back of the vehicle, even while skis are loaded.

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Built in the USA and designed for a lifetime of use

High quality American materials and construction means Gravi-4 rack will last longer than any other transport systems on the market.

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Easily secure your skis while transporting

Gravirax optimizes ease of loading and unloading so the skis ride free back here.

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Classic design jitch mounted ski rack for cars

Harnessing classic design

The force of Gravity was first discovered in 1665.

Then as now, it’s simple, and it works. Why mess with perfection?

Why Vertical?
Unboxing and assemble of ski rack

Simple Unboxing and Assembly

We designed a product to keep your ski life simple so setup instruction needed to be as well. There are only a few parts to put together so click below to find out how.

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American Craftsmanship

Designed and manufactured to be reliable for many seasons of use, our racks are proudly built in the USA. Our prices went up, yours didn't. We're maintaining pricing with a long term view.

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Everyone is very happy with the GR10’s.  You have designed a great product that is functional and also looks great. 

Resort Partner

There was always someone holding up the ski school line for parents to drop off and I didn't want that to be me anymore.

Dan G.

I didn't realize how much noise my roof rack made until I took it off! Now it's easy to load up and put my skis on the back of the car. I love my Gravirax

Emily B.

I feel safe with my kids loading and unloading their own gear now, they're more independent.

Liz B.