Why is the rack off-center?

We offset the rack to the passenger side of the car to keep you further away from oncoming traffic when loading and unloading skis. The offset also better clears the view of most backup camera systems, though sensors will probably go off. As an added bonus, it is illegal in many states to have an accessory cover the license plate.  While most police officers do not pull over cars with hitch mounted bike racks that cover the license plate, we figured why give them an excuse?

My skis are FAT.  Will they fit?

They should.  Our tubes are 6 inches in diameter (152-155 mm inside).  So go ahead and ski  Armada Magic J skis (141 tail width), no problem. We've loaded many big fat powder skis without trouble but there might be some outliers that are too wide.

Will my skis stay in the tube?

Yes.  We use the gift of gravity to keep your skis in place.  While we don’t suggest hitting speed bumps doing 90,  or off roading with reckless abandon,  we can guarantee that gravity will do the job under normal driving conditions.  Gravity is a constant and it doesn’t fail, but we have witnessed mounted racks spring open on the highway, and the result isn’t pretty.

My roof rack is kinda noisy.  How loud is this?

Quiet.  And more aerodynamic too.  We won’t promise you noticeably better gas mileage, but you will be a little greener and a little quieter than with a roof mounted rack.

Can I lock my skis?

Yes.  Gravirax is optimized for use with a cable lock to help prevent theft.  And if you are a belt and suspenders kind of person who likes to go over speed bumps very fast, locking your skis might put your mind at ease.

Is there a warranty? What happens if my rack breaks?

All products come with a 100% lifetime warranty protection from factory defects or breakage under normal use.  Please see warranty section for full details.