How It's Made

We are proud to partner with an excellent manufacturer in the USA to bring this idea to life. We knew we needed to build something we could put our name on, so it needed to be durable and convey the feeling of it's solid build.

In our partner facilities, American steel parts are laser cut, and tubing is bent into shape. A team of high end fabricators work to hand weld and align the frames that hold our racks together. 

Powder coating happens on site and is done to the highest quality possible, with respect to the environments the racks will be used in. The result is a product that will last a long time and be as resistant as possible to chipping, marking, or otherwise deteriorating.

We process the specialized thermo-bonding HDPE pipes that we use to hold skis here too. They serve the same function as PVC pipes of years past, but these new pipes are much more resistant to becoming brittle in cold temperatures and have special additives to protect from UV rays. These pipes come from a foundry not far away and we've been able to source the materials one truckload at a time to keep our process lean as we grow.

Each Gravirax is a collection of parts and components from all over America, built by people with a passion for quality craftsmanship.