Snowboard Sleeve Install

Follow along in a couple steps we will have that snowboard sleeve safely installed.

Four easy steps:
1. Unbox and organize
2. Align upper hardware
3. Attach lower support
4. Tighten hardware


Install video:


1. Unbox and organize

Check your hardware bag and examine how the vibration damping clamps work. 

Consider which side of the rack you want to install your sleeve. Inside near the license plate or outside near the tail light. 

2. Install the rubber and stainless clamps around the ski rack frame. 
Angle the clamps up a couple degrees to ease the installation of the lower screws.
3. Place the bottom footing of the aluminum sleeve over the lower frame rail of the ski rack. 
install black screws through sleeve and slide the sleeve back onto the clamps. Align screws and clamp holes. 
4. Tighten everything. 
5... put your board in check out how everything fits and pivots down when loaded. 
Always use the included bungee to secure your snowboard.