Locking Your Skis

The design of the Grav4 has been optimized for loading and unloading so the default state is for the skis to be free and unrestrained. This tends to work great for those of us living in mountain towns. We drive from the ski house to the resort so the skis are always under control and in our line of sight. 

Still, sometimes we need to run into the store or stop for a quick bite, so we wanted to make sure we could keep our gear safe. 

Fortunately, the strong American steel used in Gravirax provides the perfect base to use any number of locking accessories. 

Here are a couple of our favorites:

You can look for adjustable length bicycle quality locks intended for use in lower theft risk environments. 

We've found great success sneaking the cable lock through openings in the bindings but make sure you pay close attention to how you are locking your skis so you know they are safe and secure.

  • Make sure the cable passes through a hole and one of the steel supports of the rack frame
  • Make sure you are locking the skis to the rack, not just to themselves

If you live in areas with rough roads or wild driving consider fixing standard bungee cords to your skis and bindings as an added level of safety.