GR4.1 Setup

Follow along with three easy steps - what to expect when your Gravirax package arrives and how to assemble your new rack!

(read time 4 min) (build time ~10 min)

To safely assemble your new rack, you will need the following tools and the experience required to use them correctly. It's ok to ask for help if you need to.

  1. Adjustable Crescent wrench
  2. 3/16" Allen Key

Step 1: Carefully unpack and check your parts and tools

  1. Hitch and pivot assembly
  2. Ski tube assembly with pivot upright
  3. Small parts come inserted where they need to be installed.
    1. 5/8" receiver hitch pin with safety cotter pin
    2. 3/8" Allen Head Shoulder bolt and Locking Nut, 2x washers, 2x brass bushings (make sure bushings stay in the lower holes of the frame upright)
    3. 3/8" Pivot Safety Pin

Step 2: Assemble the two large components

  • Lay the ski tubes on a soft surface with the pivot upright facing up
    • (to protect your rack's finish, place the rack on towels or the cardboard of the packaging)

  • Join the receiver hitch assembly and the rack assembly, visually align the upper and lower pivot bore holes and adjust until clear.
    • Check that the receiver hitch is offset to the passenger side of your vehicle and roughly even with the base of the ski tubes.
    • In some cases, inserting the upper safety pin first, followed by the lower pivot bolt second, helps to align the components. 

  • Fix one (1x) washer beneath the Allen head Pivot Bolt, and insert through the lower pivot hole and with bushings.
  • Place one (1x) washer on opposite side, and add the nylon locking safety nut
  • Tighten the nut/bolt assembly with Allen Wrench and Crescent wrench until tight.

  • Secure upper pivot safety pin and latch.


Step 3: Mounting Gravirax on your vehicle:

  • Slide receiver assembly into your car's 2" receiver hitch
  • Align and insert hitch safety pin, fix safety clip



To Operate your Pivot:

  • Support the upper rack frame with your hand
  • Remove the safety pin and set it somewhere safe, the pivot is free once the pin is pulled
  • Gently allow the ski tubes to tilt back until the rack assembly reaches it's stop
  • Push ski tube rack up until it stops, insert and fix safety pin

Before you drive: Carefully open and close your car or truck's tailgate to familiarize yourself with clearance

Examine how the pivot works with your vehicle so you have experience with it before you're in the snow.