Spring has sprung

While storms continue to roll in early evening sunshine is starting to herald an end of a great ski season.  Spring skiing has always held a special place in my heart.  I love skiing corn snow, bashing through soft forgiving moguls, the weird party vibe that starts to take hold and apres ski---often in the parking lot.  What does Gravirax offer for the end of the season?  

How about a picnic table for apres skiing?  Picnic table

All you need is some plywood; rest it on top of our rack and you have a great table to host apres skiing.  Want to go with a big piece of plywood maybe try pong.

Flat tops and bottoms on Gravirax have another huge advantage over hitch bike racks.  They stack flat.  If you are a commercial user you can stack them 2 or three high.

If you are a personal user you can stick them in any flat corner and drop skis or garden tools or whatever you like in the holes.  

off season storage

off season storage

If you are a super duper heavy user of the pivot you might want to check the bushings.  They should cost about $0.40 each and are a super easy replacement.  However, we have serviced a bunch of hotel racks recently and have not seen any evidence of wear and tear so you most likely do not need to worry about swapping out the bushings.

Bottom line, put on your sun screen, be mindful of your timing to rip some corn snow, and be creative how you use your Gravirax.  Picnic table in the parking lot, or even a slightly different game of corn hole.  And when it's time to take it off your car tuck it tight in a corner, drop you skis and poles in it and get ready for fishing, paddling, hiking and biking.