off season storage--the knock on hitch don't hold water with Gravi

Team Gravi owns a bunch of hitch bike racks and we've used everything on the market.  From an old cheap Saris to a cool Kuat and a wacky North Shore that goes on a 50 year old Bronco. 

One gripe everyone has with hitch bike racks is when they are not in use they eat up precious garage space.  Anyone who lives in the mountains knows just how valuable garage space is and between the family's bikes, kayaks, skis and boards, having an off season hitch bike rack take up valuable space always is a little hard to justify.

Grrrrr.  Lost garage space. 

Ironically I found a Thule 'hitch' ski rack at our local dump.  I shoved it in the garage and found the same sick feeling as I watched garage space vanish.  I also wondered who the heck would buy this thing---its a science project to assemble, challenging to use and has so many points of potential failure (in this case it had broken in 3 different places). My wife was right and this one is going back to the dump.


In the other corner, my GR6 is still very useful in the off season.

2 sets of skis, 3 sets of poles, crutches (who lives in the mountains and doesn't own a pair of crutches) shovel and ice chipper.  

Gravirax.  Designed by skiers/riders for locals.  Because we get it.