Local Hacks

Local Hacks ---Gravirax Style


  1. Load skis with one hand  Drink coffee, eat a breakfast burrito or enjoy an adult beverage with one hand while loading skis with the other. Or don’t get out of the car and let your seven year old take care of it.
  2. Free Parking Does your ski area have an expensive parking lot that offers free parking for large groups?  Swing by the bus stop on the way up the hill, the group gear goes in Gravirax in seconds and you park for free.
  3. Off season storage system  Unlike a bike rack, Gravirax sits flat and flush in the corner of your garage, holding your skis (shovels, rakes, poles…let your imagination and storage needs be your guide)
  4. Save the tricks for the hill Skip the luge event from the roof of your car and send it in the park instead.
  5. Green  Use less energy with a more aerodynamic ski transport system than a roof rack.  Good for the planet and better for your wallet 
  6. Don’t be ‘that parent’ Your kids can load and unload their own gear at drop off and pick up, and you don’t hold up the line.
  7. Protect your ride Skip watching the skis scrape down the side of your car and clatter on the ground while you struggle to get everything out of the roof rack. And quit using the inside of your car as a rolling locker room. New car smell beats moldy mats.
  8. Do you listen to Pink Floyd?  If you hate the sound skis on your roof make at speed (which messes with your pre-game music pump) Gravirax provides the quiet solution for the ski audiophile
  9. Now anyone can load and unload “Tips down, baskets up” and being able to use a gondola is all the skill needed.
  10. Add extra padding Ever look in your rear view mirror to see a rental car with all season tires sliding towards you?  We won’t guarantee that the Gravirax will protect your car from all rear end collisions, but we can tell you that some Gravi users have had their cars saved from damage by Gravirax heavy duty steel frame.  Time and money spent at the body shop is no ones idea of a good ski day.

Gravirax saved that car's rear end and a trip to the body shop