Customers first

Anyone else hate it when you lose your charging cable for your laptop?  I know I do, because getting the right replacement part is expensive and time consuming.  Take a look at Thule replacement parts and then pray you don't need to replace anything because it will cost you.  

Team Gravi had a very brief discussion about using lots of bespoke parts as an additional revenue stream, and we concluded ' naw, hell no and No F$#king way'.  We decided that we couldn't add value for our customers in nuts, washers, bolts etc.  As a matter of fact we figured it would just add to everyone's' costs.  We don't want to make unique washers etc for our Gravirax products, and we sure as hell don't want to store them, track inventory, and manage distribution of 10-15 additional skews.  We are quite sure our time is better spent improving our offerings, and keeping production costs down help to keep your costs down.  Here is a parts list (the ones that come in the little plastic bag).  We use the same parts in our GR-4s and GR-6s.  

Parts List

  1. Shoulder Bolt 5/16-18; 3/8X 2.5SS (3 per rack)
  2. 5/16-18 Nyloc Nut SS (3 per rack)
  3. 5/16 USS Flat Washer SS (3 per rack)
  4. 3/8 Washer, SS (3 per rack)
  5. Bushing, Reducer 1/2-3/8 Steel (2 per rack)
  6. 3/8 X 2.5 Safety hitch pin (1 per rack)
  7. 5/8"X3" bent pin w/ HairClip (1 per rack)
  8. Nut 1/2-13 GR2 ZP (1 per rack)
  9. Bolt 1/2-13 X 1 1/4 GR5 (1 per rack)

That's it.  You can do a google search and find any of those parts or you can go to your local hardware store and say " Help! do you have a 1/2-13 X 1 1/4 GR5 bolt?" and they will help you find one.  These parts are not expensive---bushings might cost you $0.50 and an 'expensive' shoulder bolt a couple of bucks. 

If you lose your safety hitch pin or your bushings are showing some wear a quick trip to NAPA or Ace hardware will rectify that situation.  If you have any problems with spare parts feel free to give us a call  (970)236-8725 or email us at are always happy to help, although be prepared to deal with us asking how we can make Gravirax better, as well as snow conditions at your local hill and favorite runs.  You can take the skier off the hill and stick them in customer service, but you can't stop us from thinking about snow and turns.